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When Borland shipped Delphi 6 in May of last year, one of its new features was support for SOAP - most notably in the form of Web services. Borland Kylix 2 (for Linux) is now also available with the same capabilities, and as I write this article, Borland has just announced the Borland Web Services Kit for Java, which will enable Borland JBuilder to create and consume Web services using WSDL and SOAP. Finally, by the time you read this article I expect Borland C++ Builder 6 to be announced (or available) with the same SOAP and Web services capabilities that Delphi 6 and Kylix 2 currently have. Perhaps even a bit more, since SOAP is ever evolving. In this article, I want to demonstrate the ease of use of Delphi 6 and Kylix 2 (two RAD tools) by developing a Web service in a Delphi 6 server (running on Win32) and consuming it in a Kylix 2 client running on Linux. What i... (more)

XML's Contribution to Web Services

Professional XML Web Services isn't really an XML book, but more a pure Web services book. The XML part is because XML is used to represent Web services (in the WSDL, for example). The book covers many types of Web services, not just XML Web services (a term that's like a binary executable). The book consists of 15 chapters. That's not much, if you take into account that it was written by 12 authors. In fact, no author has written more than two chapters. I must admit that my feelings about the result are mixed. Some chapters flow really well and are clear to read, but others take ... (more)

XML Schemas: The 'New' DTDs

This book has nine authors (eight "real," since Kurt Cagle is mentioned as a contributing author), but only six photo faces appear on the cover. It doesn't really matter, as with many WROX "Professional" books, you're used to seeing a number of authors - usually experts in the field - covering different topics and subjects all related - in this case - to XML Schemas. Is it possible to write an entire book about the topic of XML Schemas? Yes, it is. And the book makes this clear in the very first chapter, which explains that XML Schemas are in fact the next-generation DTDs. In fact... (more)

Intergrating XML In Relational Databases

Professional XML Databases is not the only XML book from WROX Press. In fact, it's not even the only "professional XML" book from WROX, since they already publish a book entitled Professional XML (which I reviewed about a year ago). This book is a logical follow-up, with the focus more on integrating XML in your relational database strategies. As a consequence, you probably shouldn't start with this book if your knowledge or experience of XML is still somewhat limited, but you can always read the first appendix for a short primer on XML if you need one. Professional XML Database... (more)

Delphi 2009 Development Essentials Reviewed

Robert Meek has written a book review about my Delphi 2009 Development Essentials, which is sold as paperback from, or offered as free bonus for anyone who purchases Delphi or one or more courseware manuals in PDF format from me. ... (more)